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MJP Gospel Loop Pack Vol. 1

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MJP Loop Pack Volume 1

  • Percussion loop for enhancing Worship ministries. These loops have been carefully created to cover songs for fast praise, funky praise, slow worship, and also African thanksgiving grooves in time signatures such as 4/4 and 6/8 and even for Traditional American Gospel Praise Break music. 
  • They have been used for Gospel ministers such as Osby Berry, Laura Story, Jekalyn Carr, Sinach and more….for their ministrations at New Covenant Assembly, Calgary, Canada.


  1. Helps the band to sound as one: Everyone can stay on the same tempo without one person rushing or slowing down the music
  2. It gives room for the drummer to be creative since the loop is giving the timing and tempo to the song
  3. When there is no drummer or during rehearsals, this can help to create a sense of Groove and movement or timing/tempo.
  4. For worship team without percussionists, this is your percussion
  5. Using percussion loops in softwares like Ableton Live or Logic Pro is a first step for anyone who wants to learn programming and music production.

*** Using this loop with the Ableton Live Template will give the maximum efficiency as it is one of the best software for Live Performances when it comes to changing tempo on the fly and arranging the order of different loops to match your SetList.  It also includes pre-programmed count-ins and metronome.

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Last updated Oct 18, 2023

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MJP Gospel Loop Pack Vol. 1

7 ratings
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